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​jalan: Join Singapore's First Mobility-As-A-Service Testbed

Published on: 18-Sep-2017


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), JTC and SMRT Services Pte Ltd (SMRT) have joined forces to develop "jalan" - an urban mobility solution which seamlessly integrates multiple modes of transportation, for better connectivity and accessibility. Termed ‘Mobility-as-a-Service” (MaaS), this testbed leverages the strengths of each partner to fulfil Singapore’s vision of a car-lite society.

This MaaS testbed, which is the first in Singapore, aims to derive feedback and data that will ultimately enhance commuters' travel experience through the provision of first-and-last-mile connectivity and accessibility. This is achieved through the utilisation of multiple transport modes in tandem with existing MRT and bus networks. These modes include autonomous vehicles, bike-sharing services and personal mobility devices such as e-scooters, without relying on personal cars.

What does jalan mean?
jalan (pronounced jah-lahn):
path, road; course to take; movement; continue, walk; movement in a definite direction; way, way to do something; berjalan to be in motion.

Tested in NTU campus and JTC CleanTech Park in Jurong Innovation District, the jalan App allows you to experience new transportation modes such as Electric Scooters, Bicycles, and even Autonomous Vehicles, integrated with existing Shuttle Buses and MRT networks!

Come and join this exciting testbed and be a part of the future of mobility!

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