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​NTU signs strategic R&D partnership with the Norwegian Energy Collaboratorium established in Singapore

Published on: 20-Feb-2017


The Norwegian Energy Collaboratorium (NEC) is a “platform for innovative collaboration” between Norwegian and Singaporean companies, research institutions and universities engaged in the energy community in South-East Asia. NEC is an initiative by Innovation Norway (IN), the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and Energy Research Institute at Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N). This Norway-Singapore Energy Workshop to be held on 20-22 February 2017, is the kick-off event for NEC.

Norwegian and Singaporean research institutions and universities have long lasting collaboration within the areas of maritime technologies, business management and to some extent energy areas. Over the last two years there has been an increased attention to enhance the collaboration into a wider range of energy related areas; electrification of transport, smart energy systems, energy storage, maritime energy, energy informatics etc. This was firmly confirmed by the state visit to Norway in October 2016, where 10 MoUs for research collaboration and student exchange was signed, including 4 explicitly within the energy domain.

Norwegian companies have increased their interest towards the rapidly growing south-east Asian energy markets, often with Singapore as their “base camp”. This include maritime and shipping companies looking at LNG/power solutions; offgrid/microgrid renewable energy solutions; maritime and lands-based green transport; in addition to enhancing more conventional hydropower and electricity grid projects.

Combining the growing interest for research collaboration with the increasing business opportunities is the foundation for establishing NEC and for kicking it off with this energy workshop at NTU.

1. For the attending Norwegian and Singaporean research institutions to identify and establish areas for research cooperation. Clarification of research focus and approaches; joint research project opportunities; common goals and drivers.
2. For Norwegian and Singaporean companies to interact with the research groups to both gain insights into the state-of-the art research and technology advances; but also to influence the research focus to support commercial interest. Identify and discuss project opportunities with company participation.
3. For the research funding organizations such as RCN, National Research Foundation and A*STAR to identify and discuss options for joint or bilateral funding of research projects and programs.
4. To facilitate discussions on trends, road maps, strategies for business opportunities in the wider Southeast Asian energy markets.

1. Norwegian and Singapore parties that have already established MoUs for research collaboration (e.g. NTNU vs. ERI@N and Tel-Tek vs. ERI@N) will have concrete plans for collaboration; identified problem statements, personnel, modes for collaboration etc.
2. Norwegian institutions without expositing MoUs will have a clear understanding of the research collaboration opportunities and interests in Singapore.
3. Singaporean institutions will have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the relevant Norwegian energy research community.
4. Attending companies and organizations will have exchanged information and views on the link between research, technology development and commercial applications for the SEA energy markets.

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