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​ERI@N's Senior Scientist discusses energy-efficient architecture for IoT during the IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things

Published on: 20-Feb-2018

​Internet of things (IoT) is a smart technology that connects anything anywhere at any time. Such ubiquitous nature of IoT is responsible for draining out energy from its resources. Therefore, the energy efficiency of IoT resources has emerged as a major research and development issue.

Nirupam S. Dasappa, a Senior Scientist at the Energy Research Institute @ NTU, is an expert in the IoT space with 18+ years of global executive experience, having built start-up ventures, successful IoT operations, platforms and products from scratch.

In his presentation as a distinguished speaker on the world forum titled " The 'How' Industrial IoT – Setting Yourself Up for Success", he shared information on the implementation efforts of proposed energy-efficient architecture for IoT, which consists of several layers, namely, sensing and control, information processing, and presentation. The architectural design allows the system to integrate energy harvesting/self-powered battery, ultra-low power sensors, robust radio's etc. This mechanism allows the energy-efficient utilization of all the IoT resources. The experimental & deployment results show a significant amount of energy saving in the case of sensor nodes and improved resource utilization of cloud resources.

Also, outlining the challenges related to edge computing, connectivity, data visualization, modeling and deployment of IoT applications and potential research directions in resolving these challenges.


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