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​​Electro mobility research at NTU is on the news!

Published on: 17-May-2017


As hype around self-driving cars continues, in Singapore researchers are looking at ways of ensuring that autonomous vehicles are 100% safe, and to that end Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is currently home to a live testbed for self-driving and connected car technologies.

The researchers and partners are currently using the test bed at NTU to research everything from emergency broadcasting of accidents to vehicles.

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Singapore’s resolve isn’t just about adding limitations, it’s an equally aggressive push toward automated transportation — self-driving cars, shuttles, buses, trains and other transport — that will enable Singaporeans an alternative over car ownership.

Traffic, air and energy benefits notwithstanding, ... would be some time before self-driving vehicles became a common feature on city streets. Testing — loads of it — was still required to verify that the cars would be safe even in the riskiest of scenarios.

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