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Free2Move and NTU to trial Singapore’s first electric bike-sharing service

Published on: 06-Feb-2018


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) and Free2Move – French automobile giant, Groupe PSA's mobility brand – will be conducting trials for Singapore's first electric bicycle-sharing service known as "Free2Move Bikesharing".

The university teamed up with Free2Move, whose French parent Groupe PSA owns brands like Peugeot and Citroen, to roll out 20 Peugeot electric bicycles and two docking stations on the campus grounds.

The pilot project which offers the service for free aims to promote an "active and green" means of mobility for the first or last kilometre around NTU's sprawling campus.

The e-bikes come with a 400 watt-hour (Wh) battery which offers a range of up to 75 kilometres, enabling cyclists to make longer and faster trips compared with traditional bikes. The e-bikes can be dropped off at any location on campus or at the docking stations, which are fitted with solar panels to save energy while charging.

Using a smartphone application developed by NTU and Groupe PSA's Business Lab Singapore entity, users will be able to geo-locate the closest e-bike and check its battery level.

The pilot project also aims to assess users' motivations for using an e-bike and their riding preferences, which will help to optimise the location and number of docking stations accordingly. The study will also look at improving communication systems between the e-bikes and the mobile devices, including exploring the use of renewable energy and cloud monitoring for charging stations.

NTU also partnered with PylonCity, a local start-up specialising in e-scooter charging stations and monitoring systems, to install docking stations for the e-bikes that can also work with other personal mobility devices.

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