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​Dr Swapnil Dubey speaks on Indoor Air Quality

Published on: 15-Sep-2017


Watch Dr Swapnil Duby interview on Indoor Air Quality to the Channel News Asia.

Singapore residential buildings will now have extra criteria to meet before they can be certified green. On top of having eco-friendly features, they now will have to improve the health and wellbeing of the occupants as well. The change was made to the Building and Construction Authority’s green building master plan at the Industry Conference on Sustainability.

Now there is more emphasis on improving indoor air quality. The Green Mark certified buildings has less bacteria in the air, so occupants or workers in a industry building will less likely suffer from ill health.

“This will affect people’s health, as well as productivity. So, in the short down, productivity will get affected, and in the long term, it will affect health performance”, says Dr Swapnil. 

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