Flagship Programmes



ERI@N’s flagship programmes: EcoCampus and Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator Singapore (REIDS) –  focus on ambitious but achievable outcomes in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Integration. Both aim to strengthen the national competency in the domain of Clean Energy and Sustainability by developing and demonstrating relevant technology solutions in a living lab environment.

As part of the comprehensive ‘Clean Energy and Sustainability’ subject, such flagship programmes are directed to achieve significant research outcomes, specifically in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability domain, as well as to demonstrate technological feasibility of system solutions with a long-term potential for growth, in-line with energy and economic growth objectives of Singapore.

Additionally, these striving flagship programmes intend to bring all stakeholders of the value chain together – research institutes, government authorities, industry, businesses and civil society – in order to establish a rigorous scientific basis to tackle practical industrial and national challenges. ERI@N is convinced that the new insights emanating from these long term programmes, as they progress, will assist stakeholders and decision-makers in creating better foundations for effective policies and to achieve the ambitious climate change and energy goals set by the country.

By leading and integrating efforts, both internally (integrated efforts of various research teams with multi-disciplinary skills) and within the entire value chain, ERI@N aspires to make flagship a new partnering model for long-term collaborative research in the context of Clean Energy and Sustainability.