Health, Safety and Environment

Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N) in recognizing its corporate responsibility commits to take all reasonably practicable means to provide a safe and healthy environment to all ERI@N staff, partners, students and visitors. ERI@N is committed to:
·         Comply with Safety, Health & Environmental legislations in Singapore;
·         Strive for continual improvements to the OSH management system (OSHMS) and with consideration to environmental sustainability;
·         Proactive in managing risks to prevent incident and communicate requirements to relevant stakeholders;
·         Inculcate the sense of shared stewardship for OSH matters among ERI@N staff and students;
·         Set OSH objectives and measure or evaluate such performances periodically;
·         Provide appropriate OSH training, information and supervision for ERI@N staff and students to work safely and reduce risks at source;
·         Report and investigate promptly ALL incidents and accidents to determine the root cause(s) and take appropriate actions to prevent recurrence;
·         Improve and continually review infrastructural facilities and research projects to address risks; and
·         Provide appropriate resources to achieve the intent of this policy.


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