About Us


Vision, Mission and Objectives

To be a leading research institute for innovative energy solutions

To be a centre-of-excellence for advanced research, development, and demonstration of innovative energy solutions with global impact by:

  • Advanced research enhancing the efficiency of energy systems while maximising the synergies of alternative energy sources
  • Enabling knowledge creation and technology transfer by engaging with government agencies, research institutions and industries
  • Creating a multidisciplinary and collaborative environment for the delivery of energy solutions and national sustainability goals

The Vision and Mission of ERI@N is being implemented and realized through the following strategic thrusts:

  • World-class Research, Development & Demonstration through clearly identified priority projects spanning ERI@N Interdisciplinary Research Programmes. Key to research excellence has been joint programmes and joint appointments of Cluster Directors, Professors in the Colleges at NTU who are subject matter experts, and Programme Directors / Managers who bring very significant industry domain knowledge to the Interdisciplinary Research Programmes (IRPs).
  • Attract and groom talents through world-class resources and network opportunities. An international team of researchers have been assembled in the ERI@N research programmes through exciting industry partnerships, joint programmes with top Universities, and laboratories that span basic research to large-scale field implementations. 
  • Competence and Capability Development through high-level research activities, well-resourced postgraduate courses and international exchange programmes. ERI@N is a key member of NTU’s Interdisciplinary Graduate School, and has graduated over 69 PhD students and is currently engaged in joint supervision of 150 PhD students in the various domains of sustainability. Joint PhD programmes with top Universities has also resulted in capability and capacity development
  • Develop cutting-edge facilities to support research and development activities in focus areas have been set up within ERI@N also jointly with the Colleges of Engineering and Science.
  • Sustainable Financial Structure with a focus on long term research projects with funding from government agencies, competitive funding, and industry funding. Working models with industry include joint laboratories, consortia projects, and projects executed under individual research collaborative agreements.
  • High Industry Relevance through increased industry participation in ERI@N research programmes. Company partnerships with more than 61 companies and five Joint Laboratories have been set up to ensure industry engagement and translation of research outcomes.

Our Values

Supportive workplace
We respect and nurture our staff by creating a safe, supportive work environment

We strive for excellence in our work through consistent delivery of quality output and services

We encourage creative ideas and pioneering spirit to develop innovative solutions