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​Official Launch of Smart Grid Power Electronics Consortium Singapore (SPECS)

Published on: 09-Apr-2019

On the 9th April 2019, the Smart Grid Power Electronics Consortium Singapore (SPECS) and CoolestSG national energy consortiums were officially launched at the National Research Foundation (NRF). The launch commemorates the official commence of operations for the two energy consortiums first announced at the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2018. 

SPECS serves as a networking platform, to inform industry on the latest research and competencies across Singapore’s institutes of higher learning and research entities. Through academic-industry collaboration, SPECS will enable companies to access the latest technologies developed by these researchers, and translate them into commercially-viable products and services. 

The official launch was attended by more than seventy energy professionals from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), private companies and the government sector. The consortiums were launched to bring together and create synergies between these parties to develop Singapore’s energy capabilities to prepare us for the future of energy.

During the launch, guests were invited to a panel session featuring some of Singapore’s distinguished energy professionals. Panelists were quizzed on all sorts of aspects of energy from technology, policy and future trends allowing for good exchange of dialogue and learning.
The day’s events concluded with a lunch reception and poster presentations. The poster presentations were carried out the IHLs and featured some of their own developed energy technology. Technologies in the domains of energy efficiency, renewable energy, autonomous vehicles, and solid state transformers were featured during the event. 

The SPECS team welcomes interested participants to contact us and be part of Singapore’s energy future.

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