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​16th April 2020 GEIDCO x SPECS online seminar 

Published on: 20-Apr-2020



SPECS in collaboration with the Global Energy Interconnection Development Cooperation Organisation (GEIDCO) gave a seminar on the 16th of April 2020. The seminar gave the participants a clear idea of how this globally interconnected clean-modern energy system has an impact on today's fast-growing world. GEIDCO's key value is to provide a systematic solution to achieve sustainable development and address acute issues such as resource depletion, climate change, environmental pollution, and energy poverty.

As part of these efforts, GEIDCO presented a well-organized seminar using Zoom that lasted for about two hours. A detailed introduction was presented by Mr. Ming Xu and Dr. Kun Huang. This was followed by distinguished speakers from Magnolia, Singapore, Austria, Japan, Kazakhstan, talking about the current Clean Energy Technologies. For this session, SPECS had arranged for Professor Wen Changyun of NTU to share on hierarchical decentralized economic dispatch. His presentation was well received by the audience of nearly 60 people. 

It is a testament to GEIDCO that amidst the constraints of a global pandemic, that GEIDCO and the presenters still took strenuous efforts to make its online session very valuable for participants. The most interesting segment of the seminar was those on successful project implementation as it gave a brief idea of how countries around the world are seriously taking measures towards a greener, low-carbon sustainable future and helping to pave a path towards a cleaner future for mankind. 

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