Smart and Sustainable Building Technlogies


Smart & Sustainable Building Technologies

According to a recent United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) report, buildings use around 40% of global energy and this sector is the largest contributor to global GHG emissions. Additionally, energy consumption of building sector is rising rapidly due to increasing population and higher economic activity in most parts of the world.

In Singapore, according to EMA report on energy consumption released in 2015, the energy consumption for non-residential and residential buildings consume about 50% of the electricity production. It is hence essential to focus on energy efficiency in this sector through technologies that can significantly improve the energy efficiency of the buildings, while ensuring optimal liveability and long term sustainability.

The SSBT programme focuses on research, development and demonstration of innovative, energy efficient and cost effective solutions, and aims to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for green and smart buildings for tomorrow.

Research Focus and Core Competence

SSBT Framework