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26th and 27th October 2017
Visits to Semakau Island - REIDS

24th October 2017
REIDS MOU Signing Ceremony at SIEW

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December 06th 2017​

GE partners Nanyang Technological University in REIDS

Singapore, 2017 GE partners Nanyang Technology University (NTU) in the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator-Singapore (REIDS) initiative to tell the benefits of microgrids, and test the integration of solar, wind, tidal, diesel, storage and power-to-gas technologies, and ensure these energy sources operate well together so that it can bring sustainable and affordable electricity to all in ASEAN.

October 31st 2017​

REIDS Video Interview with Founding Partners​

Singapore, 2017 Interview with REIDS Founding Partners: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU), Economic Development Board (EDB), ENGIE, Schneider Electric and General Electric share their views on the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator - Singapore (REIDS) impact and Singapore's ambition to be a marketplace for Microgrid solutions for the Southeast Asia region.

October 20th 2017

NTU and ENGIE deploy Singapore’s first long-span wind turbine at Semakau Landfill

Singapore, 2017 The turbine is one of up to seven which will generate power for hybrid microgrids on the landfill south of Singapore, together with other sources such as photovoltaic (solar) panels, as part of Singapore's drive towards developing sustainable energy. It is part of the region's first large-scale, offshore power grid system, called the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator (REIDS), an initiative by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

October 20th 2017

Sustainable Powering of Off Grid Regions (SPORE) Microgrid in Singapore

Singapore, 2017 On Semakau Island, the ‘Sustainable Powering of Off-Grid Regions’ (SPORE) microgrid houses Singapore’s tallest wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, battery storage and a hydrogen system for storage and fuelling a hydrogen. ENGIE and Schneider Electric join forces to develop a common solution and showcase their capability of addressing the regional energy challenges.​

December 19th 2016

REIDS Phase 1

Singapore, 2016 Discover Phase 1 of the REIDS, Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore initiative led by ERI@N / NTU !

October 21st 2016

Channel News Asia clip - Consolidating solar, wind and tidal energy on Semakau Landfill

Singapore, 2016 Come 2017, Semakau Landfill will be the largest microgrid R&D platform in Southeast Asia. Energy from the sun, wind and tide will power the whole of Semakau Landfill by end 2017. This includes a new desalination plant which will provide fresh water to fish hatcheries on the island. Professor Hans Bjorn Puttgen of NTU, who is principal investigator and Reids director, said the more different sources of energy, the better the chance of covering energy needs. What NTU is building on Semakau is ways to demonstrate how to integrate these diverse energy sources and simulate various situations in Southeast Asia. The goal is to come up with affordable solutions to provide clean energy for remote communities.  Phase one of the project has been completed. Phase two will occupy over 64,000 sq metres of land or about eight football fields.

June 10th 2016

Interview with Professor Hans B.(Teddy) Püttgen​ on the REIDS Project at Asian Utility Week 2016

Bangkok, 2016 Professor Hans B. ​Püttgen, Senior Director, ERI@N walks us through how is the university currently contributing to a regional energy sector which seeks major transformation. The interview was done by Engerati in the Asian Utility Week 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand.​

July 11th 2016

ENGIE Lab and REIDS Programme
​​​​​​ ​​​​​​ ​​
​Singapore, 2016 - In the Asia-Pacific region, ENGIE has created a center of excellence in Research and Development, the ENGIE Lab Singapore. The activities of ENGIE Lab Singapore cover three specific areas: smart distributed energy for sustainable cities and islands, industrial energy efficiency and gas-related technologies. In partnership with the Nanyang Technological University, the ENGIE Lab Singapore designed the application PowerZee to help reduce energy consumption on campus. ENGIE Lab Singapore is also involved in a major program in Singapore, REIDS (Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator Sinagpore), which aims to develop a microgrid platform to provide energy access for isolated islands.