Fuel Cell


Fischer-Tropsch Lab

The Fischer-Tropsch laboratory is a new laboratory that was set up with funding from the university and is designated as one of the strategic research facilities.  This is to create the RD&D infrastructure within ERI@N to position NTU as a leader in the emerging Power-to-power and Power-to-gas energy path.  The research outcome will be translated to the facilities on Semakau Island, under the Renewable Energies Integrated Demonstrator – Singapore (REIDS).

The facilities in the laboratory support the investigation and study of the activity, selectivity and stability of catalysts (Both in-house developed and commercial products) for the synthesis reaction.  The facilities are also able to separate, identify and quantify hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and various forms of hydrocarbons (C1 to C15) with high accuracy and repeatability.