Smart and Sustainable Building Technologies


Building-Modeling and Simulation lab


This simulation lab is located at CleanTech One building, level 5 with the purpose of creating a state of the art lab specialized in building modelling & simulations. The objective and vision of the simulation lab are as follow:

  • Create a central data base for our existing/future research projects for easier accessibility within the SSBT team
  • Showcase our capabilities and expertise on building modelling and simulations
  • Educate and share modelling &simulation knowledge amongst internal NTU staff
  • Perform research, develop & deploy new simulation tools to fill the gap of existing ones and simplify the process of simulations
  • Foster collaboration with external parties for advance building modelling and simulations


Technologies available

5 set of High Performance Computers, an AR (Augmented Reality) and a VR (Virtual Reality) system have been set up in this lab to address above mentioned objective and vision.