About Us



SPECS is a platform, to inform companies of the latest research and competencies across Singapore’s institutes of higher learning and research entities. Through academic-industry collaborations, SPECS will enable companies to access these technologies and translate them into commercially-viable products and services. 


SPECS serves as an enabling platform to propel Singapore’s power industry to be a technology leader.


SPECS aims to enable companies to translate public intellectual properties and know-how into innovations, deployments, and commercialization. Companies can also leverage Singapore as a reference deployment site for Energy Grid 2.0 technologies, and subsequently promote and export new products and services to global markets. SPECS also provide member companies with global networks to international smart grid and power electronics efforts. 

The Consortium will work on 3 technological areas to achieve the broad goals of Energy Grid 2.0, namely energy savings, energy efficiency, energy resiliency, and energy intelligence. The technology areas are the Smart Grid, Advanced Power Electronics, and the Future Grid.