Art Projects

The Dandelion

The ‘Dandelion’ is a self-sustaining light sculpture, a result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N) and the NTU Museum.

The first Dandelion was launched on 19th March 2015 and is currently located outside the School of Art, Design and Media at NTU, Singapore. The installation, standing at just over 5 meters, lights up automatically via sensors during the night hours and is solely powered by solar energy.


The sculpture is structured to mimic the real dandelion flower. It is composed of self-lighting seeds (59 in nos.) and stem (1 in no.). Every single seed is a sealed and self-sustaining power generating unit. For collecting energy, every seed holds solar panels (12 in nos.). LEDs (4 in nos.) positioned at the top of each seed’s can light up throughout the entire night and the lithium ion battery allows them to withstand up to 3 days of cloudy weather. Light sensors turn on and off the lights, and a small piezoelectric sensor on each seed can flicker the lights intermittently when it detects a wind blowing.

Above all, The Dandelion represents an important initial stage of possibilities for NTU to produce visually appealing energy-generating art pieces to create an inspiring learning, working and living environment at the NTU Campus, and pave the way for astonishing blend of energy and art in the world.


Reaching High: A Kinetic Art Installation

Reaching High: A Kinetic Art Installation was unveiled on 7th March 2015, in front of Ion Orchard as part of the 28th SEA Games Torch UP! An interdisciplinary display of art and technology - “Reaching High” is a collaborative effort between ERI@N and prolific sculptor, Mr Sun Yu-li. This kinetic art installation is meant to embody the spirit of competition as it represents the unity of man and technology working together.

IMG_6991.JPGReaching High: A kinetic Art Installation


 “The pines” (bamboo based wind turbine rotors), the “Cave” (wind scoops), “Solar Tiles” (solar cells installation on campus), and the “Fern” that combines product design and solar cells

  the pines.PNGcave fern.PNG