Cluster Directors


Zhang Xinan


Dr Zhang Xinan
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Cluster Director
Renewables’ Integration & Micro Grids
Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N)

Phone: +65 6790 4003
Office: S2 B2B 57

Dr. Zhang Xinan received the B.E. degree in electrical engineering from Fudan University, China, in 2008. He worked in Chinese Academy of Sciences from 2008 to 2010. In 2014, he received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He worked as postdoc research fellow from 2014 to 2017. In June 2017, he joined NTU as a Lecturer in power engineering. His research interests include power electronics, electrical drives, renewable energy and control of smart grids.

Research Interests

Dr Zhang's research interests mainly include 1) power electronics for vehicular power systems and renewable energy 2) advanced electrical machine drives (especially the control of AC machines) 3) design of battery management system for emerging battery technology and 4) distributed and optimal control of smart grids.

Postdoc Position Available: Currently, there is one postdoc position on predictive torque control, sensorless control or multi-level inverter based electrical machine drives. Interested applicants can send CV to my email at:

Current Projects

  • A Universal Hardware-In-Loop Platform for Hybrid AC/DC Microgrids
  • Advanced Electrical Systems Modeling for Diesel Engine Systems
  • Design of Highly Efficient, Robust and reliable Electrical Drive Systems for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines and Induction Machines
  • Development of Highly Reliable and Efficient Electrical Drive Systems for Electrified Transportation
  • Intelligent Control and Monitoring Board for Predictive Monitoring System
  • Product Design and Development of PV Optimizer
  • Quantification of Prediction Intervals for Renewable Energy Sources and Scalable Algorithms for Distributed Energy Trading under Uncertainties

Selected Publications

Benfei Wang ; Xinan Zhang ; Hoay Beng Gooi. (2019). An SI-MISO Boost Converter With Deadbeat-Based Control for Electric Vehicle Applications. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology , 67(10), 9223 - 9232.

Xinan Zhang ; Benfei Wang ; Ujjal Manandhar ; Hoay Beng Gooi ; Gilbert Foo. (2018). A Model Predictive Current Controlled Bidirectional Three-level DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Energy Storage System in DC Microgrids. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, early access, 1-1.

Benfei Wang ; Ujjal Manandhar ; Xinan Zhang ; Hoay Beng Gooi ; Abhisek Ukil. (2018). Deadbeat Control for Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in DC Microgrids. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, early access, 1-1.

Benfei Wang, Xinan Zhang, Jian Ye, Hoay Beng Gooi. (2018). Deadbeat Control for Single-Inductor Multiple-Input Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, .

X Zhang, GHB Foo. (2018). Over-modulation of Constant Switching Frequency based DTC for Reluctance Synchronous Motors incorporating Field-weakening Operation. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 66(1), 37 - 47.​