About Us


The Experimental Power Grid Centre (EPGC) strives to be the research centre that people go to first for challenges in the energy grid and system domain. 

We apply advanced science and engineering to help public agencies and companies address their national and economic needs.  

Over the years, we have grown from responding to micro-grid design issues to answering a range of grid and system related challenges: 

  • Complex large-scale power system simulation
  • Market and business models analysis
  • Optimisation of cooling, heating and power system
  • Multi-functional testing of a wide range of electrical equipment (e.g. energy storage, electrical drives, micro-grid controllers, inverters and converters)
  • Power electronics design and prototype

EPGC is a centre under the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N). Established in June 2010, ERI@N distinguishes itself through excellence in basic research directed towards outcomes of high industry relevance, with focus on systems-level research for tropical megacities. Find out more about ERI@N here.​