Multi-functional Test Facility​

  • EPGC’s facilities is capable of testing a wide range of equip​ment such as electrical drives, in​verters, power converters, machines, transformers, micro-grid controllers and energy storage systems.


Micro-grid Design and Diagnosis

  • EPGC has comprehensive tools and capabilities for all aspects of Micro-grid design and diagnosis.  They include a Micro-grid Planning Tool (e.g. system sizing and energy mix) and a Micro-grid Economic Dispatch Tool (e.g. optimal scheduling of resources).


Real-time Power System Simulation

  • Real-time simulation of complex power systems (~100 buses), studying issues such as system load flow, contingency analysis and transient stability analysis.  

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop testing for micro-grid, battery, or motor drive controllers.  

Electricity Market and Business Model Analysis

  • Simulate new electricity market applications (e.g. demand-side management) to test new business models and maximize potential market returns.  


Multi-Energy System Optimisation

  • EPGC has absorption chiller, thermal storage and heat recovery systems that enables the testing and optimization of cooling, heating and power systems.


Power Electronics Design and Prototype 

  • Design specialised, multi-le​vel, high power converter systems and PV inverter systems. 

  • Develop advanced wide bandgap semiconductors devices such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), which enable greater efficiency, smaller size, lighter weight and lower overall cost.